Prodigal Pyromancer
Chaos mages specialise in the magicks of chaos and destruction, and the elemental magic of earth and fire. They have the most damaging combat spells available to players.

The Chaos Mage's class defining spell is "fireball".


Level Ability
1 Shock
6 Flare
6 Strength
9 Shatter
10 Prime
12 Lightning Bolt
14 Incinerate
15 Mana Sense
15 Tap
16 Firebreathing
18 Fireball
22 Earthquake
24 Disintegrate
26 Sluggishness
28 Giant Strength
31 Immolation
35 Eternal Warrior
38 Fireblast
40 Meteor Shower
42 Stone Hands
44 The Brute
50 Mountainwalk
53 Summon Ball Lightning
55 Heat Ray
60 Final Fortune
65 Torrent of Flame
70 Lava Burst

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