Druids are protectors of nature and the forests. They have the ability to commune with animals, enhance plant growth and gain energy from the energies of life present in all creatures.

The Druid's class defining spells are "regenerate" and "stream of life".


Level Ability
1 Cure Light
2 Create Mistletoe
5 Create Water
5 Armor of Thorns
6 Second Sight
8 Giant Growth
10 Tame
10 Prime
11 Bee Sting
12 Shrink
15 Mana Sense
15 Tap
16 Taste of Paradise
18 Create Light
20 Instill Energy
20 Aspect
21 Tranquil Path
22 Hurricane
23 Fog
24 Venomous Breath
25 Enchant Berry
28 Regrowth
29 Mulch
30 Stream of Life
31 Call Lightning
32 Burgeoning
33 Control Weather
35 Gaea's Touch
38 Animate Tree
40 Carapace
42 Rejuvenate
46 Fortitude
50 Forestwalk
51 Cadaverous Bloom
55 Refreshing Rain
65 Rebirth
75 Might of Oaks

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