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Hunters move almost invisibly through the wilderness tracking prey and are the only class to have a decent amount of skill with a missile weapon. Hunters are more at home in the forests than anywhere else, recuperating at a much faster rate while resting in their preferred environment. The Hunter's class defining skills are "hunt" and "shoot..


Level Ability
1 Track
3 Kick
5 Throw
8 Sneak
9 Infravision
10 Tame
12 Hide
14 Climb
16 Bee Sting
18 Aim
20 Shoot
21 Fletchery
22 Appraise
25 Tumble
27 Bounty of the Hunt
28 Shielddance
30 Hunt
32 Refletch
35 Netmaking
37 Sharpshooter
40 Volley
45 Pit Trap
50 Forestwalk
60 Berserk

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