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Necromancers are evil priests who specialise in life-draining spell and raising the dead. Their powers are grantedby evil deities better left unnamed.

The Necromancer's class defining spells are "animate dead" and


Level Ability
2 Chill Touch
4 Touch of Death
5 Curse
7 Krovokian Fetish
9 Locate Corpse
10 Prime
13 Drain Life
15 Mana Sense
15 Tap
16 Unholy Strength
18 Animate Dead
19 Corpse Track
20 Marsh Gas
22 Dispel Good
23 Call from the Grave
25 Paralyse
27 Sacrifice
30 Feign Death
33 Fear
35 Animate Rotting Corpse
36 Dark Ritual
36 Summon Corpse
38 Simulacrum
40 Sense Life
41 Feast of the Unicorn
42 Soul Burn
45 Syphon Soul
50 Necropotence
51 Cadaverous Bloom
50 Swampwalk
52 Corpse Gate
60 Essence Drain

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