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Paladins are crusaders against evil in all of its forms. They have some healing abilities, and are as formidable in armed combat as dedicated warriors, helped by their combat magic and protective spells.

The Paladin's class defining skills are "ritual of steel", "reforge", "angelic shield" and "transmute".


Level Ability
1 Ritual of Steel
3 Kick
8 Rescue
10 Reforge
12 Angelic Shield
14 Lightning Blow
14 Knight
15 Transmute
20 Create Light
24 Holy Strength
26 Errand of Duty
28 Shielddance
30 Crusade
33 Bandage
34 Bash
37 Charge
40 Appraise
45 Heroism
50 Plainswalk
55 Blinding Light

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