Priests are healers, with powers bestowed on them by a higher power. While fairly poor at hand-to-hand combat, priests more than make up for this with healing and protective magic.

The priest's class defining spell is "sacred boon".


Level Ability
1 Cure Light
1 Armor
3 Create Water
4 Second Sight
5 Bless
6 Cure Blind
9 Blindness
10 Word of Recall
10 Prime
11 Create Light
12 Heal
14 Group Heal
15 Mana Sense
15 Tap
15 Blessed Wine
17 Remove Poison
19 Cure Critic
22 Dispel Evil
23 Armor of Faith
24 Group Recall
25 Prismatic CIrcle
30 Sacred Boon
30 Annoint
30 Recant
33 Seeker
34 Harm
38 Remove Curse
40 Holy Armor
41 Island Sanctuary
44 Sunfire Balm
45 Wings of Aesthir
50 Plainswalk
50 Sacred Nectar
51 Echoing Calm
52 Lifelink
55 Blinding Light
60 Sacred Rites
62 Group Lifelink
65 Wrath of God

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