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Shapers are experts in transformation  and manipulation magic. As such, they are able able to change their shape and form in ways no other class can. Shapers also have a deep understanding of water and air elements, and are well versed in using psychic attacks.

The Shaper's class-defining spell is "polymorph".


Level Ability
1 Pulse
3 Second Sight
4 Create Water
5 Invisibility
7 Animate Weapon
8 Sleep
9 Psychic Purge
10 Create Light
10 Prime
13 Remove Invisibility
15 Mana Sense
15 Tap
15 Psionic Blast
23 Unstable Mutation
24 Twiddle
25 Polymorph
26 Erratic Portal
27 Dance of Many
28 Buoyancy
30 Clone
30 Sleight of Mind
31 Juxtapose
32 Enchant Weapon
34 Psychic Venom
35 Flight
36 Malignant Growth
38 Wings of Aesthir
30 Phase
44 Viscerid Armor
48 Teferi's Curse
50 Islandwalk
50 Metamorphosis
54 Erratic Mutation
60 Gate
65 Gaseous Form
70 Awesome Presence

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