Tricksters are thieves, illusionsists, and con-artists. Their abilities include some deception, theft, and psychically weakening their opponents. They value, above their own sanity and lives, the almighty gold coin.

The Trickster's class defining spells are "summon object", "vesuvan doppelganger", and "windfall".


Levels Ability
2 Second Sight
5 Invisibility
6 Locate Object
7 Gouge
8 Sleep
9 Blindness
11 Pick Lock
12 Force Spike
13 Remove Invisibility
14 Clairvoyance
15 Charisma
15 Vesuvan Doppelganger
16 Steal
17 Daydreams
18 Jump
19 Dance of Many
20 Tumble
21 Summon Object
22 Lethargy
23 Feedback
28 Venarian Gold
29 Cunning
30 Telepathy
31 Fleeting Image
33 Lobotomy
34 Spelljack
43 Thirst
45 Windfall
48 Gifts Ungiven
50 Islandwalk

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